Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wake me up when the west-coast swing ends...

You know there was a time when I ised to be a religious watcher of golf. I was younger, more naive, and felt like I was learning something.

Well, I'm older, more cynical, and I use the cliche "you can't teach an old dog new tricks". That being said i haven't had the time or the interest to consciously sit down and watch golf in years, so I decided, along with getting back into the sport period, that I should get in the habit of watching it as well.

If I ever needed rational why I didn't watch golf for the last four years, I got it watching about fifteen minutes of the final round of the FBR Open...formerly the Phoenix Open. Yes the tournament went into a playoff, yes Kenny Perry is somewhat a proven winner, and yes the top 10 is full of very ligitimate players but golf on TV has changed...even in the last few years.

I am a statistic freak but the technological garbage they use now to tell you every stat about everything is clearly just filler for a weak broadcasting team. There were times, when they would allow almost a comedy routine from Faherty, Faldo, or even Venturi...even though I doubt he was trying to be funny...the point was to give you the experince of golfing with your buddies cracking jokes toward each other, taking some of the stuffiness out of golf.

Instead, we are left with a tour that is trying to grab the attention of 12-year olds with flashy technology and little or no intelligent conversing. Obviously viewership is down without Tiger around but perhaps the tour needs to address what I think to be a huge issue...when Tiger retires, will that be the end of broadcasted golf? Will people just rely on for all their statistical info and if they ever want an blogs are readily available.

In the meantime, wake me up for the Masters, Tiger will be back.

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