Monday, February 9, 2009

A-Rod is still one of the best...ever.

So guess what? Another scapegoat...I mean player has been caught with his hand in the cookiejar. This time it is Alex Rodriguez. Is anyone surprised? How long was it going to take before MLB threw a current player to the wolves? Their way of saying, yes we are testing.

Rodriguez is likely going to break every batting record and most of the longevity records in baseball. He is ridiclously consistant and in my opinion overly scrutinized. Baseball has never seen a perpetual 40-40 threat...ever. He has never lashed out at the media, although he never gets a break or finds favour in the papers. He never complains, even though as soon as he has a .280-25 HR season the cries to ship him or bench him are deafening.

I don't think I need to say it but baseball's witch hunt to prove thier innocence is bullshit. I consider myself a true baseball fan and frankly I don't care about all these "tainted" records. I love the game. Records were made to be broken, there are arguments on both sides about the ease of competetition and difficulty of schedules...why should steroids be any different? The quality of product is amazing, whether they take steroids is of no consequence in my mind. Look at the last few teams to win the World Series...Phillies, Red Sox, Cardinals, White Sox. All these teams have had the generic make-up of a baseball lineup...three power hitters sandwiched by speed at both ends of the line-up and an unbelievable pitching staff.

Until a team wins the championship with nine 25 HR guy sin the lineup and three guys in the rotation who can hit 98 mph well into the will have a hard time convincing me that the product is unbalances or of inferior quality.

Who knows...if Mickey had laid off the sauce, had Babe not eaten himself to a premature retirement, and if Maris had not smoked three packs a day...all three might have done so much more with their carrers. These are the tragedy's...not guys who can play 22 year carrers with record breaking numbers.

And, don't give me that nonesense about the lost it's inncense witht he '94 strike. Anyone who decides to offer themselves up for any professional sport is knowingly sacrificing their bodies, and frankly as a paying fan I would expect as much for a better product.

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