Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Raptors...here is a three year plan.

So...the once promising Raptors are now quickly becoming a joke.

Second last in the East. Their best two players are injured...again. Against teams like the Hornets, they look silly. Their basketball is not mistake riddled and quite often they shoot well enough to win...they just get outclassed.

The management is adequate. Bryan Colangelo and Jay Triano are both very capable individuals, they have a strong pedigree, it just looks like they are junior in every aspect of the game right now.

Here is my plan for the next three seasons...it looks like at this pace the Raps will finish around 28-54. Before the deadline though O'Neal and Bargnagni need to be moved. The O'Neal trade with Miami looks like it will happen deadline day....so add Marion to the raps at the three spot and look for the Raps to sign him to a four year deal come the offseason...why would he do that you ask? You shall find your answer in the next paragraph or so....look for Barney to go to Miluakee who just lost Bogut. That nets the Raps a mid-range second round pick. Not bad results on these two and the cap room it will free up.

After the lottery that should be good for a top-5 draft pick.

More than ever now the Raps need to draft a big man. So fill your five spot with someone from the Big East...you know 6-11 240...a pure rebounder.

So now you have the makings of a decent team...Jamario Moon is a future sixth man of the year...Ukic is a decent back up to Calderon who will move to the no.2 guard spot in 2010-2011 because Steve Nash will occupy the 1 spot. Yeah that's right...Nash I think will finish his carrer in Toronto. He has eluded that he is interested in coming to TO...publically and for all the right reasons. Imagine the fanfare...it would save Colangelo's job who is up for re-negotiation in you guessed it 2010-2011.

It may not mean a championship but it will be a great team to watch.

Monday, February 9, 2009

A-Rod is still one of the best...ever.

So guess what? Another scapegoat...I mean player has been caught with his hand in the cookiejar. This time it is Alex Rodriguez. Is anyone surprised? How long was it going to take before MLB threw a current player to the wolves? Their way of saying, yes we are testing.

Rodriguez is likely going to break every batting record and most of the longevity records in baseball. He is ridiclously consistant and in my opinion overly scrutinized. Baseball has never seen a perpetual 40-40 threat...ever. He has never lashed out at the media, although he never gets a break or finds favour in the papers. He never complains, even though as soon as he has a .280-25 HR season the cries to ship him or bench him are deafening.

I don't think I need to say it but baseball's witch hunt to prove thier innocence is bullshit. I consider myself a true baseball fan and frankly I don't care about all these "tainted" records. I love the game. Records were made to be broken, there are arguments on both sides about the ease of competetition and difficulty of schedules...why should steroids be any different? The quality of product is amazing, whether they take steroids is of no consequence in my mind. Look at the last few teams to win the World Series...Phillies, Red Sox, Cardinals, White Sox. All these teams have had the generic make-up of a baseball lineup...three power hitters sandwiched by speed at both ends of the line-up and an unbelievable pitching staff.

Until a team wins the championship with nine 25 HR guy sin the lineup and three guys in the rotation who can hit 98 mph well into the 8th...you will have a hard time convincing me that the product is unbalances or of inferior quality.

Who knows...if Mickey had laid off the sauce, had Babe not eaten himself to a premature retirement, and if Maris had not smoked three packs a day...all three might have done so much more with their carrers. These are the tragedy's...not guys who can play 22 year carrers with record breaking numbers.

And, don't give me that nonesense about the kids...baseball lost it's inncense witht he '94 strike. Anyone who decides to offer themselves up for any professional sport is knowingly sacrificing their bodies, and frankly as a paying fan I would expect as much for a better product.

Friday, February 6, 2009

This is Hockey's Time to Shine

It's February 6th. NCAAB has three more weeks before it gets interesting. Golf is well...boring right now, and a bit of a tease at that. Baseball is just getting underway, football is beginning it's hibernation, and NBA is in it's horrible February where teams are either tired or resting their bigs...which results in terrible basketball games.

So we are left with hockey, oh hockey...our overrated underperforming "national" sport. Personally, I think Canadians invest too much time and effort thinking this "our"sport. Here are the facts/recipe for a hockey player:

part lumberjack
part gatherer
part fisherman
part prairie boy
part lacrosse player
and part irish/thug

If that is not the generic/quintessential make-up for any Candian then I don't know what is...and just by co-incidence it is also the make-up for any hockey player. We Canadians are soemwhat of a passive group...we hesitate to take credit and constantly want to give it so I think this is a situation where we get our asses kicked in every other sport on the international stage....except for curling and lacrosse so we have decided to make a claim on the sport that requires the least amount of preparation/skill by our people.

Again, hockey is great but we are doing our nation a great dis-service in crowning this game of physical violence which cornerstones itself (proudly may I add) on bullying and fighting as something warranting immortalization on our currency.

Many...many things have been done prior to hackey that I feel warrant much more consideration for such immortalization especially when almost half the country cannot correctly name all the provincial/territorial capitals...(p.s. there are 13, in the states who have 50...kids at the age of 10 can name them in alphabetical order)...this country has no passion for it's roots and would rather rally behind the cry of a game that epitimizes every sterotype about canadians out there...especially the playing of it on ice...picture a backyard with a pond..pretty iconic.

Maybe I am just bitter cause I never played or because any hockey player I ever went to school with was a moron but at the end of the day hockey culture represents something I don't want to be a part of.

But I will continue to be part of the problem...go Rangers.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Are you ready for some football? No.

Okay, well the Superbowl is over. I will say this once...and once only, congrats to the Steelers. It was a great game, which I enjoyed.

Now, am i the only person who thinks that last play was a touch suspect? Along with the phantom 15-yard penalty NOT called on Santonio Holmes? I dunno.

Anyway I will leave it alone for now, as it appears to have been the correct call but when a team wins both their challenges on blown calls, maybe you should have another look...even if the rules say you don't have to. I think a rule permitting a challenge after the two minute warning would be a good idea, if a team has already won their previous two challenges...this to me is a get out of jail free card.

Okay so the probowl is this weekend...who cares...that is all. I just hope Brett Favre connects on a pass to Hines Ward so I can watch John Madden spontaneously combust.

I am officially now a fan of Tom Cable in Oakland. He came out and called the Raiders a winning football team going forward, sure it's easy to say but there is an endearing quality about this guy that makes me think he will put his money where his mouth is. The Raiders have a great young quaterback in Jamarcus Russell and in a draft loaded with WR potential, in three to five years the Raiders of old may be back. Al Davis...might...MIGHT see a playoff game before he dies.

Finally, big props to barbie for the killer wings...you were right, Red Rockets are amazing.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wake me up when the west-coast swing ends...

You know there was a time when I ised to be a religious watcher of golf. I was younger, more naive, and felt like I was learning something.

Well, I'm older, more cynical, and I use the cliche "you can't teach an old dog new tricks". That being said i haven't had the time or the interest to consciously sit down and watch golf in years, so I decided, along with getting back into the sport period, that I should get in the habit of watching it as well.

If I ever needed rational why I didn't watch golf for the last four years, I got it watching about fifteen minutes of the final round of the FBR Open...formerly the Phoenix Open. Yes the tournament went into a playoff, yes Kenny Perry is somewhat a proven winner, and yes the top 10 is full of very ligitimate players but golf on TV has changed...even in the last few years.

I am a statistic freak but the technological garbage they use now to tell you every stat about everything is clearly just filler for a weak broadcasting team. There were times, when they would allow almost a comedy routine from Faherty, Faldo, or even Venturi...even though I doubt he was trying to be funny...the point was to give you the experince of golfing with your buddies cracking jokes toward each other, taking some of the stuffiness out of golf.

Instead, we are left with a tour that is trying to grab the attention of 12-year olds with flashy technology and little or no intelligent conversing. Obviously viewership is down without Tiger around but perhaps the tour needs to address what I think to be a huge issue...when Tiger retires, will that be the end of broadcasted golf? Will people just rely on pgatour.com for all their statistical info and if they ever want an opinion...golf blogs are readily available.

In the meantime, wake me up for the Masters, Tiger will be back.