Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Raptors...here is a three year plan.

So...the once promising Raptors are now quickly becoming a joke.

Second last in the East. Their best two players are injured...again. Against teams like the Hornets, they look silly. Their basketball is not mistake riddled and quite often they shoot well enough to win...they just get outclassed.

The management is adequate. Bryan Colangelo and Jay Triano are both very capable individuals, they have a strong pedigree, it just looks like they are junior in every aspect of the game right now.

Here is my plan for the next three seasons...it looks like at this pace the Raps will finish around 28-54. Before the deadline though O'Neal and Bargnagni need to be moved. The O'Neal trade with Miami looks like it will happen deadline day....so add Marion to the raps at the three spot and look for the Raps to sign him to a four year deal come the offseason...why would he do that you ask? You shall find your answer in the next paragraph or so....look for Barney to go to Miluakee who just lost Bogut. That nets the Raps a mid-range second round pick. Not bad results on these two and the cap room it will free up.

After the lottery that should be good for a top-5 draft pick.

More than ever now the Raps need to draft a big man. So fill your five spot with someone from the Big East...you know 6-11 240...a pure rebounder.

So now you have the makings of a decent team...Jamario Moon is a future sixth man of the year...Ukic is a decent back up to Calderon who will move to the no.2 guard spot in 2010-2011 because Steve Nash will occupy the 1 spot. Yeah that's right...Nash I think will finish his carrer in Toronto. He has eluded that he is interested in coming to TO...publically and for all the right reasons. Imagine the fanfare...it would save Colangelo's job who is up for re-negotiation in you guessed it 2010-2011.

It may not mean a championship but it will be a great team to watch.

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