Friday, February 6, 2009

This is Hockey's Time to Shine

It's February 6th. NCAAB has three more weeks before it gets interesting. Golf is well...boring right now, and a bit of a tease at that. Baseball is just getting underway, football is beginning it's hibernation, and NBA is in it's horrible February where teams are either tired or resting their bigs...which results in terrible basketball games.

So we are left with hockey, oh hockey...our overrated underperforming "national" sport. Personally, I think Canadians invest too much time and effort thinking this "our"sport. Here are the facts/recipe for a hockey player:

part lumberjack
part gatherer
part fisherman
part prairie boy
part lacrosse player
and part irish/thug

If that is not the generic/quintessential make-up for any Candian then I don't know what is...and just by co-incidence it is also the make-up for any hockey player. We Canadians are soemwhat of a passive group...we hesitate to take credit and constantly want to give it so I think this is a situation where we get our asses kicked in every other sport on the international stage....except for curling and lacrosse so we have decided to make a claim on the sport that requires the least amount of preparation/skill by our people.

Again, hockey is great but we are doing our nation a great dis-service in crowning this game of physical violence which cornerstones itself (proudly may I add) on bullying and fighting as something warranting immortalization on our currency.

Many...many things have been done prior to hackey that I feel warrant much more consideration for such immortalization especially when almost half the country cannot correctly name all the provincial/territorial capitals...(p.s. there are 13, in the states who have at the age of 10 can name them in alphabetical order)...this country has no passion for it's roots and would rather rally behind the cry of a game that epitimizes every sterotype about canadians out there...especially the playing of it on ice...picture a backyard with a pond..pretty iconic.

Maybe I am just bitter cause I never played or because any hockey player I ever went to school with was a moron but at the end of the day hockey culture represents something I don't want to be a part of.

But I will continue to be part of the problem...go Rangers.

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